I just reinitialized the Novell server so Ohio could get their e-mail. It's the first time I did it alone - yay for me! And it worked! I like this stuff. It's so much more interesting than hardware. And dealing with Tech Support Rules of Engagement. The next thing I'm doing is setting up my pc that just got fixed and checking on my SQL Server tasks that I set up this past weekend. Yesterday we were just too damn busy to do it - and I couldn't find any logs. I also need to truncate the log file, it's out of control, but I think I should do that at night when no one is on the system.

Tonight I am going to a spinning class. Yesterday I did Power Yoga - it's amazing how much more balance and strength I have now - I did stuff I never thought I could do! There was only one exercise, the Wheel, which I didn't even attempt. I could do everything else. I like the sustained stretches and the deep breathing. I think I may buy a book on it so I can do it at home, along with Pilates. It makes my body feel so much better, so much more flexible and healthier. I haven't been on a bike since the summer, so the spinning class will kill me. I've seen people come out of there just dripping with sweat. And tomorrow is my second belly dance class.

I think it's so funny when my daylogs get downvoted. What am I getting critiqued on, anyway? Grammar? Links?