Met Bosco today, she's an artist, a real one, and a nice person. She's a bit obssessive, and it has an outlet in her work - she brought slides, I brought photos of my art car to show her. Good to meet an artist, and hopefully we will grow to become friends.

Met with a new sponsee this afternoon, that went very well. I have no gaydar whatsoever. I was so sure she was a lesbian, and she seems to be straight as they come. How arrogant I can be! Not important to me if she isn't, just thought she was gay and I had some one else to relate to about that issue.

And G. called me tonight, as I was preparing for D&D. We talked for quite a while - and she wants to be my friend, something she has said in the past, but I didn't believe. I am happy with that, and am looking forward to developing a friendship with her. I'm so glad it's over! She's much too old for me, she reminds me so much of M.