Hey, guys.

Yesterday I made my first mix CD.. here's the track listing. It's pretty cool, although I feel a few songs don't really belong, and I could have done better on the order.. but still a good accomplishment.

short and brutish
Built to Spill         The Plan
Weezer                 My Name is Jonas
The Promise Ring       Emergency! Emergency!
Johnny Lang            Paint it Black
Weezer                 The World has turned and left me here
Modest Mouse           Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
Guided by Voices       Non-Absorbing
Modest Mouse           All Nite Diner
Sugar Ray              Abracadabra
The Promise Ring       Make me a Mix-Tape
Collective Soul        Simple
Eagles                 Get Over It
Harvey Danger          Woolly Muffler
Sneaker Pimps          Six Underground
Incubus                Drive
Sunny Day Real Estate  Every Shining Time You Arrive
Dido                   Thank You (It's not so bad)
Guided by Voices       Echos Myron
Allman Brothers Band   Soulshine
Live                   I Walk the Line

Well, a number of repeats from my last mix, but that's just because I gave that one out and didn't keep a copy. Isn't it strange how much feeling a song can envoke? I put some of my favorite happy songs on there (like "Emergency! Emergency!" .. ) but as I was listening to the Dido song (the song is about her feelings the morning after..) it made me miss someone.

What happened this weekend? Well, not much that interesting. Geeky stuff, mainly. Got invited to a party Friday but declined, mainly because of fear. That, and my car was in the shop.. and I know that my ride home that night wasn't going. Oh well.. I should break out of my shell some more. I guess my biggest fear when it comes to meeting new people is that I am not an interesting person .. but that really is irrational. I should just shut the fuck up and dance.

Lately I've been beginning to find that when I drive myself my light is found.
Whatever tommorrow brings, I'll be there with open arms and open eyes.