It was a late start day - I woke around 2 in the afternoon. Austen and Kira ended up surprising mearound seven - they had said they'd call, but ended up simply showing up. A quick shower and change later, I was running out the door. Apparently without notifying anyone I was going, but that wasn't something I'd have to deal with until tomorrow.

We were hungry, and so ended up at an Islands in downtown Glendale. Not quite my choice, but Kira'sa vegetarian and Austen didn't want Mexican food, so my dreams of a hot delicious sopa dripping with lettuce and carne were dashed on the rocks of adversity. We entered arguing about the difference between nutritious and healthy - they argued they were the same, while I claimed they were seperate. I think it was an issue of definitions - I was seeing nutritious as having nutrition period. God knows it's possible to be unhealthy without being nutritious, as the reports of doctors treating patients who were at once overweight and suffering from malnutrition. Thanks, junk food.

Sitting down became an exercise in choice. With Austen on one side of the table and Kira on the other, it was a zero-sum game. Someone's going to be slighted. But of course being me, I didn't realize this and just sat down in the closest one and got to realize that later from expressions on faces. Whoops.

The server took our order and returned to check - couldn't read his own handwriting. Kira lied and told him it was Austen's birthday, since they wanted the free cake that came and I refused to let them say it was my birthday. I hate having waiters sing. I'm not the only one - apparently, this is one of Kira's father's fears, remarkable since he doesn't bat an eye at doing political work in Chiapas. The food was decent, and I passed up the birthday cake. The waiter didn't sing, but Austen wouldn't have been embarassed anyways. We left the money on the table with the usual "We could sneak out of our bill so easily" feeling.

Without much time left we dropped by a small park in Silverlake. They had a swing set - an essential part of my life. We lay about, shooting the shit, pondering our futures, and enjoying the feel of grass and sand on bare foot. Few things make my hands feel more relaxed than making claws in sandboxes. Unfortunately, Austen had to go off to work the next morning - she's saving the Yiddish language, interning at some non-profit - so we decided to go once the park closed and a helicopter started buzzing us. We dropped her off with a hug and decided to go crash, since Kira was getting tired.

Back at home, Kira and I didn't want to sleep that much so we broke out the alcohol from its place of concealment. We turned on the TV and enjoyed the combination of vodka, Sobe and the Powerpuff Girls. It turns out Kira's a fan too, so we happily watched that. I found out that after my last overindulgence with alcohol my stomach had decided to argue any future consumption by threatening reverse peristalsis of the esophagus. Since throwing up sucks, I had my Sobe with a touch of vodka instead of the my usual reversed drink. Not an incredibly bad thing, since one hangover in my life is enough. Like a painful drunk that won't go away... how can people do that on a regular basis?

Unfortunately, the Powerpuff Girls doesn't last forever, so I stuck in a The Young Ones video instead. One of the best things to come out of the 80s, besides me of course. Kira was cracking up, and we agreed that Rik Mayer needed to die, or at least be beaten severly. Not even Vyvian could keep Kira awake forever, though she managed to hang in for about an hour longer than she thought possible.

Eventually, I crashed too, managing for once to sleep with someone else on a bed. Just another day in my life.