Actually, the bias lawsuits happened a while ago, and Denny's management were pretty aggressive about preventing such things from occuring again and about promoting minority ownership of Denny's franchises. They were so successful that the company was actually featured as one of the fairest national corporations race-wise in some financial magazine. This doesn't mean that some stupid franchisees don't act up every once in a while, but the reputation they have is out of line.

They're also the place to go when you haven't slept the night before (especially if you might be in a chemically-interesting mood), as it's virtually impossible to get thrown out of one. My record is two hours of just sleeping there before the mutterings of the massed waiters woke me and convinced me to pay and leave.

Oh yeah, and don't order any dishes with country gravy. I think it's monkey cum, because it looks like it, and it tastes what I imagine such an thing would taste like. Animal experimenters must dispose of all excess monkey cum by selling it to Denny's. Also, don't tell anyone this if they're eating country gravy at the time - bad things will happen.