Village Inn is another Denny's/IHOP type of "restaurant" that isn't fast enough to be fast food and yet isn't good enough to be good food.

The only thing that Village Inn has going for it is that they actually leave you carafes of coffee instead of the usual empty cup until you fall asleep routine. And, hey, fighting to the death for that last cup is just part of the adventure.

Village Inn is also noteable for hanging onto the bizarro color scheme that most restaurants gave up in the early 80's when corporate types started to realize that maybe eye murder wasn't the only method of getting people to pull off the highway and spend some money.

It doesn't get much more romantic than this

The Village Inn is a former coaching inn on the shores of Loch Long in the West of Scotland, beautifully placed on the fringes of the village of Arrochar. Build in 1812, the bar is dominated by a huge fireplace that is especially cosy to sit at during the winter. A favourite with the locals and tourists alike, this is one of the best pubs in the West of Scotland. The accomodation is superb with a couple of neo - victorian bedrooms (including clawfoot bath). Food is of surprisingly high standard for a rural inn. The Bar features a range of guest-ales and a good assortment of Single Malt Whisky. I personally would advise you to celebrate your arrival with a Dark Island, accompanied by an Oban.


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