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lately I've been slipping down
thinking I'm the only one
drifting in an out of blue
destiny is a state of a mind
and today I'm doing fine

Listening to Heather Nova while the clouds turn the sunlight deep yellow and the sky competes by changing to the deepest daylight blue possible. This is me as I walk in, sleepy and smiling cos you tucked me in last night.

Someone snuck into my room last night and swapped my brain for some cotton wool. Time will tell whether or not this is a good thing.

No dreams. That sucks. But I did wake up thinking about holding your hand and touching your skin.

*dizzy drifts off, leaving work on the ground and floats in the clouds. The rain just passes through him.

Work stuff: Learning more about vim, trying to think about webservers, reading badly written specifications. Project leader continues to be nasty; in some ways I'm looking forward to my convalescence. In fact, if I am away from the office for an extended period of time it may stimulate some more... "free software type" development practises in our project. People may be forced to use email, irc, patches, web access, ftp and other such nice chunky nutritious things :)

10:40 BST

Oh... My... God... I just sent an email to our department entitled "cum stomer support website". People have already started laughing. Save me!

13:55 BST

Just got back from town. dizzy "the cotton wool head" managed to miss the work bus back, so I had to catch a proper bus :( I bought these books:

  • The little book of dreams. I love superstitious nonsense :)
  • Mr Mean's guide to management. Mmm, Mr Men.
  • Selected Poems by John Keats.
  • The Nation's favourite love poems. (a BBC compilation, with named sections!)
  • The right to write. by Julia Cameron. Hopefully it will improve my noding...

16:40 BST

Hah! tells how the protestors who destroyed genetically modified crops have been acquitted of criminal damage. Yay! I shall probably get ripped to shreds for this opinion, but I think that unnatural modification of the genetic material of an organism is wrong. Putting said organisms outside of strictly controlled conditions is even worse.

More later, my fondant filled fancies...