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08:30 BST

I'm supposed to prepare for a trip to ONdigital in London tomorrow, but I keep putting things off. Every time I go to London, I get chronic Asthma for a fortnight. Asthma is such a hassle; waking up in the middle of the night wheezing and coughing is not my cup of tea.

Radovan returned from his one week paternity leave, I must take a look at his baby photos. Ant is off to Orlando for some Microsoft Indoctrination. The office is a little quiet right now as many people are in Japan talking about projects.

12:30 BST

Our sysadmins are nowhere to be seen. This means that getting a c++compiler on our solaris web server is looking unlikely (MySQL needs this, I need MySQL for some web apps)

I have been volunteered for ensuring we have working demonstration kit for IBC, a broadcast tradeshow in Amsterdam. Downside: More work. Upside: A possible trip to Amsterdam, city of interesting cafes...

14:30 BST

Too much caffeine this morning has made me sleepy this afternoon. Sysadmins still absent, I've discovered that our solaris web server doesn't even have a working Perl :(

Things that are good: London trip has been postponed, Global Communication is soothing and E2 is accessible. Things that are bad: Making an Access database for storing things that belong on the web, Not having a Microsoft Natural Keyboard pro at work and Meetings going on behind my desk.

My brain has decided to be depressed. Must be the weather or something. Certainly nothing bad has happened today.

16:00 BST

The apathetic mass of flesh known as my colleagues have decided to go out on Wednesday night for a beer and curry trip. Yay! And I only had to walk around everyone's desks convincing them that having fun is A Good Thing(tm)

Clockwatching sucks...

18:00 BST

Overheard as I left work (walking past the womens toilets) "Well, It's no wonder she won't help. What do you expect from someone who likes Anal sex?"

Anonymous phonecalls today: 4

Time to waste my evening on #everything...