The long and fruitful partnership between electronic music artists Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton began in 1991, when the group formed Evolution Records (named after a Carl Craig track) to release their techno music. Both artists already had a bit of background in the industry -- Tom Middleton had previously recorded with Aphex Twin and Mark Pritchard was half of the duo Shaft, who had released the track "Roobarb & Custard", a British Top Ten rave hit.

After several years of recording a strange blend of dark, mechanical sounding ambient/techno under the name Reload, the duo completely changed course and began recording warmer, more sweeping ambient music as Global Communication, their most widely known moniker. Their 1994 ambient masterpiece 76:14 was well received by critics and is still regarded by the IDM community as one of the best albums of the ambient genre.

Although Prichard and Middleton have only released two full length albums as Global Communication, Pentamerous Metamorphosis (1993) and 76:14 (1994), they released three singles in the following years in which their perpetually evolving musical style shifted again towards a progressive house sound.


Pentamerous Metamorphosis (1993)
76:14 (1994)

Maiden Voyage (1994)
The Way/The Deep (1996)
The Groove (1997)

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