I got into work this morning and got the sniffles. About 10 am I had the full red eyes/runny nose/sneezing of proper hayfever. I asked a colleague I could have one of his antihistamine tablets. He said yes, and gave me 1 small tablet which he called "aller-ease". (no I don't know how it is spelt) I popped the pill and felt fine for the rest of the day, until about 4pm, when I go a bit sleepy. When I got home, at about 5pm I was nice and "relaxed". I decided to read a bit more of Carl Sagan's fine book Cosmos.

3 hours later

I come to with a start. I have been tripping big-style for the past 3 hours, half awake with wonderful colours exploding in my head. If I had known this would happen I would have prepared and put some Global Communication or Boards of Canada on auto-repeat.

So, beware taking "aller-ease" (sp?), you may end up tripping in a public place

Note to Self: ask for another tablet tomorrow morning

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