My Mother didn't want to give me the baseball bat to defend the house from the looters. She said that I might hurt someone, She wouldn't listen to my reasoning; that the looters would hurt us.

The jets were parked on the road and wouldn't move to let the cars past. I saw this from a high up window, far away.

The VCR would play anything anyone wanted. People queued for miles to watch their favourite programme.

Dream Girl was being chased by nasty people, but I didn't care until she was caught. I then used a machine gun to kill everyone in the tent complex until they gave her back to me.

The roof under the window stretched away into the horizon. I wanted to walk across the roof to see what was at the other side, but my Mother wouldn't let me.

The trade show was going terribly, but everyone kept congratulating me. All I did was to keep rebooting the servers. No one would listen, and kept giving me gifts of chocolate and clothes.