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Touch her

We were sitting in the circular centre of my dream book/coffee shop. Dream Girl has an intense frown on her face as she concentrates on what I am saying. I tell her that she should not wear any leather. Every time I pause, she reaches out with both hands and puts her palms on my shoulders. As soon as I speak, she snatches her hands away.

She tells me that I should buy some more books on flying. I try to hold her hand, but she pulls away.

I am very unhappy at this, but she has disappeared.

...further on...

The bookshelves are empty in the house by the river. I look all over the house but someone has locked some of the doors. I find one mouldy old book under some plant pots in the garden shed.

I throw the book into the river. I am angry, then guilty. I untie the boat and sail after the book which is floating downstream. The book disappears as it enters the tunnel, my boat gets stuck at the entrance. Dream Girl stands on the towpath and holds her hand out to me. I am afraid to jump the water. She is holding the book, which is now in pristine condition.

I jump across to her. The book becomes some leafy branches with rose blooms, but no thorns.

She laughs as I hold her.