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It doesn't matter

If there was a special daylog nodetype that didn't get votes or add to my node total, I'd use it. Votes don't matter. XP doesn't matter. Node totals don't matter.

Good Nodes Matter

Hmm, it will be ironic if someone agrees enough to cool this daylog, or vote it up. Therefore I ask you, "Please don't cool or upvote this node" If you like this daylog, or any other of my nodes, please /msg me or send me an email (address on my homenode)

I suppose I could be viewed as a hypocrite for taking a moral high ground over noding and XP; I've been complaining to nate and dem bones about discrepancies between the number of votes I get and the number of XP I gain. I started off from a purely XP seeking, selfish point of view, but now I want it fixed because it is exposing a bug in E2.

Bugs are evil, and should be stamped on.

8:10 BST

80 pence. 80 pence to travel about a mile on our new bus routes, as opposed to 30 pence before. I am so annoyed at our bus company right now. Well, at least the weather is nice. (ack! "Briton talking about weather" alert!)

Things are so hectic at the moment. We're preparing for the most important trade show of our year, and the managers are panicking. They keep running around saying obvious things like: "Have you got enough power cables?" or "Are you sure it works?"

I keep wanting to say "Chill dudes, smoke some pot or drink some beer"

10:10 BST

Muhahahahaaa! Our product manager is leaving next week, and his top of the range Vaio laptop is up for grabs. I suggested to our general manager that I should keep the laptop as a backup PC in case any of our PCs break during the trade show. He agreed! Yay for me! I get a really nice laptop to play with!

Ahem! :-)

11:50 BST

More from the much-too-long daylog of me! I'm trying to get socks5 working on my Linux box, tunneling through a Microsoft Proxy server... Why does Microsoft make their products just slightly different from everyone else's?

ICQ for windows NT 4 is 6.25 MB in size - why?

12:50 BST

My General Manager just blew up at me. We were walking towards our test room and I asked about taking a digital camera to the trade show. As we got into the room and closed the door, he started shouting at me! He said that I shouldn't have such trivial things as digital cameras in my mind, that I shouldn't have internet browsers up on my screen all the time, that I should grow up, that I should stop being so naive, that I am too wet behind the ears, that I'm not doing myself any favours, that I'm "a bright lad, but I need to be more professional".

I mumbled something about not realising I had annoyed him, but I was almost in tears. What is it about Sony's management culture that makes managers bottle everything up and then rip your head off? I'm a flippant, silly kind of person. I'm not about to change any time soon, and certainly not because some managers want my outsides to be more like their dead, zombie insides.

More later!