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12:45 BST

You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy

The E2 London Picnic, which wasn't a picnic, was really great! I'll add a writeup once I wake up some more.

Some snapshots of the events around the picnic:

There were two trains from Basingstoke to Waterloo Station leaving at the same time. For once in my life, the 50/50 chance paid off and I got on the faster, newer train. On the train, there was a man in his late 40's studying a book about octobrists while his ~10 year old daugther listened to S Club 7 and Charlotte Church.

On the way home, I bade farewell to spiregrain at picadilly tube station. The southern bound Bakerloo line platform was stifling; people were gasping and sweating. This added sweat to the strong alchohol, urine and tobacco smells on the train, but thankfully cool air flooded the carriage as it sped southwards through charing cross and Embankment to waterloo station.

The electronic display at the station had a problem that made it look as though the matrix screensaver was being run on it.

I thought I had been lucky on the train back; I thought I had a whole table seat to myself. Unfortunately just as I was trying to stretch out and fall asleep, a couple sat down at the table. He was quite drunk and she was complaining about her feet. They seemed quite nice though - There was a nice egalitarian feel to the banter between them, if that makes sense.

At Basingstoke station, a guy pushed past me in the taxi queue just as a taxi drove up. As he got in, he started to undress - the taxi driver refused to budge until he had seen money, thinking the guy was too far gone, or taking the piss.

At home...

There's an entire weekend of back to back X-Men cartoons on fox kids UK. This is lovely :-)

I've got that icky, post drinking and travelling feeling. I need to wash and put on clean clothes, but I have a real motivation problem right now.

16:55 BST

Washed and feeling much less icky.

Mental Note: remove my address from the Everything Address Registry before Dman gets his postcard :-)