First of all, Anacreon, let me express my deepest sympathy for you and rage at the villian who abducted Keeper. If, by any wild chance, I should come into contact with that person I will kidnap them, take them to an abandoned warehouse, string them up on a gully, sew loops of shigawire through their sensitive skin areas, and proceed to slowly and methodically disable each of their vital organs in the most drawn out process possible, until they die. Nothing would be too cruel for this person.

I also have two theories as to what might have happened.

In my corner of the world (northern Sprawl) self proclaimed do-gooders, affiliated with PETA or like-minded groups, have repeatedly tried to abduct my mom's golden retriever, Dusty, as she waited for my mom outside a shop or cafe. Luckily, Dusty is really a mule, not a dog, and no would-be kidnapper has had the strength to carry her off. But I have no doubt, based on the vitriol they spew at my mother when she comes to retreive her dog, that they would do so if they could. Strangely, this has never happened to me (I have an Australian shephard/border collie mix). I guess radical animal rights activists only care about very cute dogs. You may want to research this possibility by contacting PETA or whatever equivilant organization they have in Israel.

The second possibility is the one you allude to. Golden retriever puppies command extremely high prices, and the services of a stud go for a pretty penny. If this is why your dog was kidnapped, it may be easier to track him down - although not right away. Once he's about a year old he will be able to breed, and in all likelihood the abducter will have to advertise his services. Comb through whatever resources are available for this sort of thing and attempt to see the studs that are advertised. You may not recognize Keeper when he is fully grown but, especially as smart as he seems, he will recognize you.

And if you do find the villian, but don't have the heart to dish out the torture he/she so richly deserves, just turn the case over to me and my holistic detective agency.