A Greek didactic, elegiac poet from Megara who lived in the 6th century BC. He wrote passionately about the two things that mattered most to him: politics and sex. Specifically, his hatred of the lower class rulers who had ousted the aristocracy of Megara, and love poems to a boy named Cyrnus. Much of his poetry against the lower classes was later used by another Plebeian antagonist who had a similar disdane for the common man and thus the tyranny of Athens: Socrates. One of the poems Theognis wrote that Socrates later used in his teachings to the youths of Athens (and thus later evidence in the Trial of Socrates) was this nice piece:

Stamp on the empty-headed people! Jab
With your pointed goad, and lay the heavy yoke
Around their necks! You won't find, under the sun
A people who love slavery so much.

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