Conspiracy X is an RPG released by a small company known as Eden Studios. The game focuses on a secret organization known as Aegis, a group dedicated to studying aliens while keeping them under wraps. The game details a number of alien species as well as other odd phenomenon. Character can play a variety of different agent types ranging from explorers to gunmen to psychics. The game gives a reasonable amount of detail on known alien races (from the lizard-like Saurians to The Greys) as well as psychic ability and government connections. Psychic abilities are based on Zener cards (remember the wavy lines in Ghostbusters) as opposed to standard dice. The game states that almost everyone has a level of latent psychic ability, but some are more attuned to it. The game gives excellent descriptions of Aegis and its rival organization (Project Blackbook). A number of supplements have been released, including more in depth looks at Aegis, the Greys, and Blackbook.

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