This is a continuation to My dog has been stolen.

After over a month our dog, Keeper, was returned to us. It all happened on Thursday. The person, whom we suspect has stolen Keeper in the first place, called my dad and told him he's got our dog. My dad asked him how come he was certain it was our dog, to which that person answered only with: "I know it's your dog." When my father insisted he said that he responded to the name Keeper, and that he had red leash and collar. When my dad asked him if he could come over and see if it was really our dog that person said: "I'm not sure, I'd have to ask my wife" and hung up.

Fortunately, his phone number was saved on my dad's cell phone, so about half an hour later my dad called him back, he still wasn't prepared to tell us where he lived, except that it was in Nahariya a town about 20 miles north of my dad's workplace.

Later that day he also told my dad the neighbourhood in which he lived. At that point my dad decided to go and look for Keeper in that neighbourhood. He want there with a friend (I was out of town at the time so only heard about the whole thing later), and they started walking the streets calling Keeper's name and whistling to him (Keeper has a special whistle, a kind of quickly rising and falling note). After about fifteen minutes they heard a dog barking at them and making a lot of noise in one of the yards in that place. They rushed to that yard and sure enough there was Keeper, tied to a tree (as he has been all through the last month, at the height of winter!). My dad check his tattoo and indeed it matched. My dad checked to see if there was anyone home, and as no one was there he freed keeper and took him home.

Later that day that person and his wife called furious, asking for the reward we promised and a compensation for the month thay had to feed Keeper, and the damage he supposedly made to their lawn.

My dad gave them a sack of dog food and 300 NIS several days later, we haven't heard from them since.

Thanks for all of you who responded to my first writeup, both in msg's and in the node itself. I feel like I live in a fairytale... (c:

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