Golem, you have what is called the curse of over-caffinated psychic hotline Warwickitus Jungian collective unconsciousness which only manifests itself during weed-eating. It's pretty common. But just try this:

Have a vision of what the past tense of weed-eating is. Is it weed-ate? "Honey, I just weed-ate the yard and I'm damn thirsty!" Down here, we could say "weed-et," but that wouldn't go over where you live, I don't suppose. Weed-munched? Weed-whacked? These options would require a total reworking of the original concept, eh?

Seriously, I know what you mean. How many coincidences can happen in your life before you feel as if you have some sort of gift of prophesy? I've had so many similar things happen that it's become both a gift and a curse to me. I can look at a pregnant woman (if I know her name) and tell you the sex of the child. I've never been wrong. I tell myself I'm going to quit doing this 'cause I don't want to be wrong and spoil it. But I just see the child as a youngster while he or she is still in the womb. I can't help it. These days, I can even do it before they get pregnant.

I sometimes get these feelings that something is for sure going to happen. It's like a small chill that comes over me. That's never wrong, either. For instance, one day just at the beginning of the 1992 Presidential race, I was reading the USA Today and there was a picture of Bill Clinton in there. He was about the last person anyone expected to come out of that race on top, but it hit me just as clear as a belt lick from my old man, "This guy is going to be President!" I told everyone around me about it, and they still remind me of this. I think many of them wish I'd done something to stop it. But it can't be stopped, can it?

When I had kids, I tried to will these visions away 'cause I'd have a worry about my kid (like all parents do) and I couldn't distinguish between vision or concern. It can’t be stopped, though. So crank up that weed-eater and let’s see what the market’s going to do Monday.