I was inside a house lying on the floor when I saw a bug. But this bug was not a normal bug, it was a bug I had never seen before. I squashed this bug with my hand and out popped its brain. I thought "what the hell" and picked it up. I ran as fast as I could out of there.

I'm now driving on the highway, the sky is red and the world seems dark though there's plenty of light outside. On the road are green salamanders (yes I thought this in my head) and I am swerving to miss them. I ran over a couple and kept driving. On the road further I see red snakes covering the pavement of the highway. I figure there's no way of avoiding them so I ran over them. Some of the snakes started snapping at my car and trying to puncture the tire. I drove further wondering why there are so few people in the city, I think, "Maybe Jesus came and raptured his people."