A world in the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition universe. Macilnya is a world of war; nation-states divided along racial splits, continuous turmoil along the borders. Campaigns take place primarily in the human kingdom of Maltara, which, adjacent to dwarven, elven and orcish states, is the most heterogenous environment.

Rules Errata for the world of Macilnya:

Create poison at 10% of the listed price. DC = 10 + poison save DC. 4 ranks of Alchemy means no self-poisoning on a 1.
Skill Checks
A die roll of a 1 is -10. A roll of a 20 is 30.
Magic Items
Weapons are half cost. High level items are virtually nonexistent.


Feudal human kingdom located at the center of the campaign world.
The Forest of Heaven, an elven state on the southern border of Maltara.
Blighted Spires
Orc tribal grounds, on a peninsula south-east of Maltara.
Kingdom of Thorin
On the western border of Maltara, a mountain kingdom.
Protectorate of Zirak-dum
A dwarvenstate to the west, which reside in the tunnels beneath Mt. Zirakbund.
The orc Mecca, bordering Maltara on the west. Surrounded beneath by the Protectorate, to the east by Maltara, and to the west by Thorin.
The Maritime League
Archipelago to the east of Maltara, populated by humans, with a small mixture of halflings and gnomes. Tendency toward human supremacists. Hextor has a strong influence in the League.
Free Duchy of Sitan
Two moderately large islands to the east.
Magocracy of Mir
Across the sea to the south.
Kingdom of Arcadia
Also across the sea to the south.


Vermillion Order
The secret assassins' guild
Vodalaran Monks
Cuthbertian monks, who emphasize the necessity of courtesy, by applying pain to the rude.
The Monastery of Righteous Wrath
A chapterhouse of the Vodalarans.
Sisters of Succor
Combat nuns, affiliated with the Vodalarans.
Our Lady of the Ruby Plains
Monastery of Wee Jas, these monks can multi-class as sorcerers or wizards.
Sacred Many
Worshippers of Erythnul
Poisoners who are in league with the Paraelemental Plane of Dust

Prestige Classes

Field Surgeon
Battlefield medic
Black Arrow
Crouching Tiger
Monk with a different set of FCPs.
Star Thrower
Masters of the shuriken