World of Hommlet
World of Macilnya

A triumvirate of Dark Gods arose on the southern continent, raising worshippers under the aegis of the Elder Elemental Eye. These gods -- Lolth, the SpiderQueen; Zuggtmoy, Lady of Mold and Fungus; and Iuz the Old-- attracted a mighty army of followers through the worship of elements. Based near the wastelands of the Cursed Shore, the Dark Gods raised the Temple of Elemental Evil, granting to their clerics powers over the elements.

The town of Nulb was easily corrupted to evil. Settled by pirates and othe rejects from society, it was quick to provide the trappings of civilization to the Temple. Arrogant in its power, the Dread Army began raiding further west, attacking the city of Verbobonc, the elven kingdom of Celene, and even sending skirmishers as far as the Magocracy of Mir.

Weak in its age, the kingdom of Celene called upon its sister to the North, Meneltaure. Meneltauran forces, aided by Maltaran special forces, came south to combat this Dread Army. Ehlonna cast her blessing upon the elves, while the Maltarans were aided by Heironous, Pelor, and St. Cuthbert. This Northern Army passed by the Magocracy of Mir, and engaged the Dread Army outside the besieged city of Verbobonc. Caught between two forces, the Dread Army retreated back towards its Temple, seeking strength on its home turf.

Fortunately for the Forces of Light, the Dread Army was decisively engaged before it could come home. At the Battle of Emridy Meadows, the armies of Maltara, Meneltaure, and Verbobonc were able to triumph, scattering those who had gathered under the Elemental Evil banner to the four winds. It was not a victory without cost, for the forces of Good still had to raze the Temple, and that cost them sorely, even as they imprisoned the demon goddess Zuggtmoy deep within the Temple.

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