The mood ring was a jewelry fad popular in the '70s. The mood ring was mounted with a heat-sensitive liquid crystal. The color of the crystal changed based on the body heat of the wearer and indicated emotions:

Golden Yellow: Stressed
Blue: Happy
Purple: PMSing
Black: Depressed
Reddish brown: Shy
Green: Amused

Mood rings had a built in lifespan. The crystals retained their heat-sensing properties for only two years. Interestingly enough, that's how long the fad lasted -- from 1975 until 1977.

The ring itself was invented by Joshua Reynolds. Joshua Reynolds was a New Yorker with a degree in Psychology from Colgate University. After his success with the mood ring, Reynolds went on to conquer the '80s with the ThighMaster and helped revive Suzanne Sommers' career. In the '90s, Reynolds founded a company called BrainTainment Resources which was purchased by a called

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