World of Macilnya

Founded in the summer of the 306th year since the founding of Maltara, this monastery occupies a small mesa near the border with the Blighted Spires. The mesa formerly housed the Order of Honourable Invincibility, but the followers of Heironious abandoned it during the Maritime League Invasion to hunt down Hextorites.

The monastery was deeded to the Vodalaran monks who now occupy it as a recompense for the services of Goff, an adventurer who fought against the Maritime invasion, and is the titular head of the monastery. The main Vodalaran monastery detached an Inquisitor, Filiz, as well as some lower level monks and four Sisters of Succor to give the monastery a jumpstart.

With the aid of the divine magic of the sisters, the monastery is slowly being transformed into a stronger fortress; unfortunately, it can only easily support 20 people on the tithe it receives from the local farmers. Use of divine magic can increase this, but is not as reliable, and detracts from other uses of magic.

Game Effects:
XP Gain
Daily: Each resident gains 4 XP per day for daily activities.
Random encounters: Monks & clerics go on patrols around the area. There are a number of encounters each month, based on the activity level in the area. Patrols are randomly selected to receive these XP awards.
The are four types of encounters, each of which yields a different amount of XP:
  • Trivial Encounters: 100 XP
  • Small Encounters: 300 XP
  • Medium Encounters: 500 XP
  • Large Encounters: 1000 XP
Activity Level
The amount of hostile activity in the region ranges from Peacetime to War. The activity level determines the number of each encounter, plus the chance that the monks/clerics are killed. Each Level has 5 stats: the first four are number of each type of Encounter (in increasing size), the fifth is the probability that n monks are killed.
New Recruits
Each month, 1d3-1 new recruits arrive, up to the total number the monastery can support (currently 20). Any recruit has a 10% chance of being a cleric.

Residents of the Monastery

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