Give me your money!

Shits been going down the tube along with some blood. I'm falling apart. Taking caffeine pills isn't a bad thing. Don't abuse them! They can really fuck you up in the long run. I stuffed my face today. Figured it's what I need. I have bruises all over my legs and my body always aches. You're anemic. FUCK OFF!

My Solution to it all: I went with redboot to get a tattoo. I got a snake going down my spine. It's not small. Took the guy a good 3 hours and a half to get it done. After the second hour it started to fucking hurt. Why do you want to get a snake? What? Am I supposed to get so fucking flower or some shit? I don't care to have something beautiful on my body...

My parents are getting a divorce. They discussed it yesterday. I don't even care. I'll be gone come May. They can't hurt me anymore.

I think I'm falling in love, and I love the feeling. Most likely I'll fuck it up. It'll take me a couple of months and a couple of nights of getting high to get over it. Hopefully it won't lead to that. I want to be happy.

ON A MORE PERSONAL NOTE: I like Cureobsession's poems.