One of the nine schools of ninjutsu. It originated from the Kukishin Ryu (in the 1330s), a martial art that was formed around larger weapons. For example it studied how the naginata could be broken into the bo and how the bo could be broken into the hanbo, kukishin was popular with seamen who used rigging as makeshift weapons against pirates.

Weapons developed under this school include:
Kusarigama developed from Kaginawa (hook and rope)
and the Daisharin, a weapon developed from the naval aspects of the school, it was a long (7-8 ft) pole, with 2x3 inch circular pieces of wood running down it - it was used as the axle mount for the base of a ship prior to launch.

It probably became Kukishinden Ryu around the 17th Century, when Ohkuni Kihei Shigenobu held the Menkyo Kaiden.

It was added to the nine schools of ninjutsu because Ishitani Matsutaro worked at Takamatsu's father's factory, and this was where he met Takamatsu. Takamatsu was told by Toda (his grandfather) that he should never challenge Ishitani to a sword fight, for he was a famous martial artist, and the swordsmanship of Kushikenden Ryu was superior than that of Togakure Ryu

Takamatsu heeded these words, but challenged Ishitani to a Taijutsu contest, and he was easily beaten. Takamatsu requested that Ishitani teach him Kukishenden Ryu, which he did, many believe that Takamatsu did not become the soke of the kukishen Ryu because it would upset the Japanese government due to his involvement in guerilla warfare.

Happo Hikenjutsu

  1. Bo
  2. Ken
  3. Naginata
  4. Shuriken
  5. Kusirigama
  6. Hi
  7. Miza
  8. Taijutsu
  1. Izumo Kanja Yoshiteru
  2. Izumo Koshiro Terunobu
  3. Izumo Matshushiro Teruhide
  4. Izumo Bungo Yoshiteru
  5. Izumo Kanja Yoshitaka
  6. Izumo Kanja Yoshiteru
  7. Ohkuni Kisanata Kiyosumi
  8. Tsutsumi Hakushi Mori Ritsuzan
  9. Kuriyama Uknongen Nagafusa
  10. Ohkuni Kihei Shigenobu -1688
  11. Otone Sakon Yasumasa
  12. Otone Genpachi Yoshihide
  13. Otone Gengoro Yasuhira
  14. Awaji Nyudo Chikayasu
  15. Kurama Kotaro Genshin
  16. Ohkuni Izumo Mori Shigehiro -1844
  17. Sugino Juheita Kanemitsu
  18. HisaHara Kotaru NoBuyoshi
  19. Ishitani Takeoi Matsutaro -approx death 1905
  20. Ishitani Matsutaro Takekage - approx death 1911
  21. Takamatsu Toshitsugo -b1887 d.1972
  22. Masaaki Hatsumi b.1931

    Source: Paul Richardson

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