Well, last night was fun... I went to the Psychedelic Dance my school was holding, and even though there wasn't many people there, it was a blast. I can't dance at all, so I had a couple friends trying (in vain, perhaps) to teach me.

Before the dance itself, we went out to a Chinese restaurant to pick up some food, which we later ate in a park. It was pretty good, even though my meal consisted mostly of celerey (and the occasional chicken).

After the dance (which ended at midnight), we went out to Perkins. The pie and soda was good... if only Sharon didn't forget Mitch's damn traveller. I was supposed to be home at 1:00 AM, but we ended up leaving the restaurant at 1:20. We had to go all the way over to the other side of town to get Mitch's car, and then go back to the other side to drop me off. By this time, it was about 1:45, and I was dead. I tried sneaking in, but to no avail... my mother was still awake in her bedroom, and came in to give me a lecture.

"You've got a new group of friends, most of whom are older than you, so you need to prove you can be a responsible young adult before I let you go wild." In a sentence, that was it.

So now, I'm waiting for the punishment to come through... probably grounding for a week. Blah. Maybe I'll use the day to do my AP History and read some more of Les Miserables.