A girl I know works at this place called Muscle Beach Lemonade (which is Hotdog on a Stick but with funkier colors) at a mall. Some friends and I wanted to go see Scary Movie somewhere, so I looked it up in the paper and figured I'd go to the mall at which my friend works. We ended up going to the wrong mall--Mission Valley, when the mall we were supposed to go to was Fashion Valley. Too bad we didn't realize this soon enough. When we pulled up, we saw that the movie times were different from what we'd read, but we didn't realize we were in the wrong mall.

To kill time, we walked around. I saw this popcorn stand that had colors like Hotdog on a Stick, and so I, for a few seconds, thought that maybe that was where my friend worked (I had never visited her before). After realizing it was a popcorn stand, we moved on and wasted more time. On my hunt for this Muscle Beach Lemonade, I realized that the mall was literally only about the size of an auditorium + a back stage. I went to the back stage, through a small hall, and almost went out a door that would've dropped me a good twenty feet, so I started walking back. We all realized we were in the wrong mall. We went back to my house, but not the house I currently live in, the house I was raised in (I never have dreams that take place in my current house).

Friends of mine were already eating sausage pizza there, except the sausages on the pizza were as big as meatballs in spaghetti. I ate a piece of this greasy-ass pizza with the smallest sausages, and after a few minutes, everyone disappeared, and my friend Danielle appeared. She's short, with brown, super-curly hair, and brown eyes, and dresses like a punk on acid, but she's cute. It was raining all of a sudden, so we went inside. We were in my room, and decided to see movie again. It was that hour of day where the sky is a deep, dark blue, but not black.

Danielle got a paper and we began looking at show times for the right mall, Fashion Valley. Is was raining, and for some reason Danielle had gotten wet, and was scared. I gave her my brown jacket and asked what was up. I put on an unbuttoned Hawaiian type shirt over my white t-shirt, and began thinking about which jacket I would wear, because it was pretty cold. She said there were weird people in my bathroom. I opened the bathroom door, and didn't see anyone. She told me to check again, which I did. The people were inbetween the bathroom door and the wall, so I opened the door all the way, partially crushing the guys. I went back into my room, waiting for something to happen.

One of the guys disappeared. The remaining man, stubbly, greasy, with curly hair threatened me, saying he'd slap me with his belt. I thought about saying "no, only Dad can do that", and since I don't live with my Dad anymore, I figured this guy'd be screwed. I ended up saying to him, "I don't think so," with lots of attitude. The guy didn't expect this reaction, so he promptly turned into wax and melted away. The room got twice as big. We went downstairs, on our way out to see a movie. It was daytime again.

As we were walking out the house, telling my Mom our plans and when we'd be back, we saw the same guy I'd just transformed into wax, but this time he was familiar, and friendly, not an intruder. He asked us which movie we wanted to see, and I said Scary Movie, and, for some reason, this other movie invovling military airplanes. Since the guy was apparently a Marine, or some sort of military person, he invited himself to come, so long as we planned on seeing the movie with the airplanes. At this point, Danielle turned into my girlfriend Liz, wearing a bright blue top and black pants. She told the man that it was alright for him to come. While we were walking I whispered to Liz, "Why the hell'd you do that?!" She smiled and said, "Obviously, we're going to see Scary Movie."