German new wave pop band. Led by vocalist Nena Kerner, the quartet released two German-only records: "Nena" in 1983 and "?" in 1984; translated selections from the two albums comprised their first American record, "99 Luftballons". The title song became an international hit; in the U.S. the single hit number two and went gold. The band followed the record with an album recorded entirely in English (1985's "It's All in the Game"), but it didn't chart. Kerner has been doing solo work since.

Nena is a proposed supercontinent, an ancient precursor to Pangea. It would have formed about 1,900 million years ago, and was an amalgamation of Baltica and Laurentia into a single landmass.

Nena is an acronym for Northern EuropeNorth America. It is currently in competition with some other theoretical early Proterozoic supercontinents: other proposed configurations of various tectonic plates include Nuna, Arctica, and Columbia.

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