Simpsons character.

The ‘illustrious town founder’ of Springfield. Jebediah Springfield is an allegorical founder myth figure or culture hero. In fact, his statue in the center of Springfield looks remarkable like the statue of Garibaldi in Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

The man, whose full name according to Kent Brockman was Jebediah Zachariah Obadiah Jeddidiah Springfield, is revered by the residents of his namesake town. Among other exploits, he is credited with killing a bear with his bare hands. Like culture hero figures everywhere, he is presumed by the local lore of Springfield to have possessed the character traits that its residents consider desirable.

As discovered by Lisa Simpson, however, he was in reality an unglorious and murderous immigrant named Hans Sprungfeld who attempted to kill George Washington and had a prosthetic silver tongue, having lost the original one in pirate activity. This was confirmed when the skeleton of Springfield/Sprungfeld was disinterred and sure enough there was a silver tongue portruding from the skull.

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