Florida's Secretary of State during the 2000 presidential election for the United States, who had also been co-chairwoman of the George W. Bush campaign in Florida, and according to the rumor mill, a bed warmer for Dubya's brother and governor of Florida, Jebediah Bush. It is because of this woman that we have an unfair and partisan decision regarding the count of ballots in that state, and why the voice of the people has been destroyed. At every turn, she's been there to stonewall efforts to get the victor of the presidential elections popular vote, Vice President Al Gore, from achieving the Florida electoral vote.

Fairness, justice and impartiality? Not in this country.

Elected November 3rd, 1998 and sworn in the following January, Harris was born in Flordia to a family that has lived there four generations. Before that she served in the Florida Senate for four years. She is a loyal and devoted Republican, and the ideal lynchpin chess piece for the Bush empire. Not that I'm bitter.

Born in Key West and raised in Bartow, Florida, she is married to Anders Ebbeson and has a 17 year old daughter.

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