Words don’t have to be put into the confines of a sentence to convey the sense of an idea. Many a word stands just as strongly on its own two feet without needing its brothers to shout its cause for it. Words are freeform and forever changing. When you hear someone utter the word ‘sea’ for instance, you immediately grasp at your own predetermined ideas about the sea, and maybe even your ideas about the seaside. Moving onto holidays and the like. Words, ideas, are therapeutic and all consuming. To deny yourself the beauty of the idea is to deny yourself the great pleasures of life all at once.

Articulate your ideas to me. Tell me how when your hear the word balloon, all you can think about is that Blondie song which then won’t leave your head for the rest of the day. Until you’re forced to push it out with some other catchy tune. Tell me about how when you hear the word basket you immediately think of throwing pieces of paper into waste paper baskets. Which in turn reminds you of your school days when the days would last forever and there was more than enough sunshine to go around. Where you would give yourself points for how close you could get to the waste paper basket and how many shots in a row you could land in a row.

Ideas are just another word for freedom. Leave that particular cage door open for a while and let that bird free. Keep your curtains shut though, you don’t want this bird to fly too far. Even if you think it knows where its home is, you can never be sure. There might be a nest just around the corner that it finds better to inhabit. Or tie a long string around its feet so that it can venture to the far corners of your world but will always come back home to rest and for food.

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