French writer known for his storylines for comics Asterix and Lucky Luke. Born August 4th, 1926, died November 5th 1977.

Founded the french humour magazine Pilote in 1959, at the same time he started creating Asterix in cooperation with Albert Uderzo. The two had earlier tried to create the comics "Benjamin et Benjamine" and "Oumpah-Pah le Peau-Rouge", but neither was particularly successful.

One of the masters of comedy.

The early Asterix comics he did with Albert Uderzo were crude, but they got better and better. His work with Morris on Lucky Luke is just as good. And for French lessons in school we read a story about a little boy called Le Petit Nicolas, illustrated by Sempé that had me cracking up with laughter just the same. I don't know any of his other work, but if you find it, read it.

The hallmark of quality: there are Asterix albums that I've read 20 times and over and they never fail, they remain hilariously funny even though I know every joke by heart.

The principles of humor aren't all that complicated, and particularly easy to study in comics. Do not conclude from this that humourous comics are trivial to write. In Goscinny's best work, his hunger for perfection, his mastery of the trade, and his genius shine on every page.

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