Dream 1:

As I approach the bus stop, I'm real thirsty. (Last night I played laser tag three times, and was pretty parched) Anyway, I don't have any money on me, because I have a bus pass, so I don't need to pay for the bus ride. It's August first. There's a food/drink dispenser machine right by the bus bench. I ask a lady, or she offers, to help me out on some sort of drink. She gladly inserts the money, and asks, "what do you want, a Snickers?" and presses the Snickers button before I can even reply. I don't like Snickers, I don't want Snickers, or any kind of chewable food product--I'm thirsty.

The bus arrives. As I'm about to get on, I realize that my bus pass is a July bus pass, and it's now August. I'm screwed. So I ask the same lady for money, and explain to her my situation in about a tenth of a second (you can do that in dreams), and she angrily gives me three dollars, even though the bus fare is $1.75 or $2.00, depending on the bus. As I get onto the bus, the driver asks me if I have a drink in my left poket. That's where the Snickers was, and I can't even begin to imagine why she'd think I had a drink in that pocket, as a Snickers doesn't really leave a big bulge, like a can would. No drinking or eating is allowed on the bus. I show the lady that it's a Snickers, and she's alright with it. Had it been a drink, it wouldn't have mattered either, were it a closed drink.

When I sit down, I see the bus driver's face in the mirror up front. She's staring at me evilly to check and make sure that I don't eat the Snickers. I wasn't planning on doing that anyway, because I was thirsty, not hungry.

Dream 2:

I see Zack, Joaquin, and I think Sean walking toward me. Zack is crying his eyes out, which is hard to imagine because he's this huge football playing jolly green giant jock type. Anyway, his parents had given him some sort of warning that if he were to smoke weed ever again, he'd be really punished. Zack and his friends had arrived at Zack's house at about 11:30 the previous night. Zack figured his parents were going straight to sleep so he and his friends began to smoke. Anyway, at about 11:45, his rents realized that he had forgotten something (I want to say Cracker Jacks), so they entered his room and caught him and his friends smoking. Busted.

The punishment? Zack's parents take him to a church (I want to say Mormon or Evangelican) and register him as a new member. Whatever religion they registered him into uses a different calendar / aging system, so Zack is no longer 18 like he is in real life. By his religion's standards he's 7. His parents then take him to the police, which gladly accept him, because he also qualified for some sort of treatment / punishment program, being only 7. Were he still 18, they wouldn't have been able to do anything, and Zack was officially an Evangelican, so he was screwed. He was to be in jail for many years.

I proceed to get scared out of my wits, even though I hadn't smoked anything. In the dream, I thought I had, though as I look back, I hadn't.