You'll notice that this episode guide seems a few episodes short, this season was a victim of the writers' strike in 2007-2008 so there were only 16 episodes instead of the usual 22...

The Magnificent Seven (Episode 1)

While trying to track down the demons that escaped Hell, Sam, Dean and Bobby come face to face with the Seven Deadly Sins. Sam also meets another mysterious woman.

The Kids Are Alright (Episode 2)

While meeting up with an old fling from 9 years ago, Dean finds out she has a son...who is 8. Dean must deal with the possibility that he may have a child and the sudden frightening changes in the neighborhood's children.

Bad Day at Bad Rock (Episode 3)

Dean and Sam have to track down a cursed object that was stolen from one of their father's storage units, and match wits with a thief named Bella.

Sin City (Episode 4)

A small town in Ohio has become a mini-Vegas practically overnight. Sam and Dean suspect there may be a demonic hand helping the transformation along.

Bedtime Stories (Episode 5)

The boys have to brush up on their fairy tales when a small town is experiencing deaths that mirror Brothers Grimm-style fairy tales.

Red Sky at Morning (Episode 6)

People in a seaside town are drowning while on land where there isn't any water. The boys investigate rumours of a ghost ship that may be the cause.

Fresh Blood (Episode 7)

Gordon, the hunter who has been trying to kill Sam, has broken out of prison and resumes his quest while Sam and Dean are looking for the vampire behind various turnings in a city.

A Very Supernatural Christmas (Episode 8)

It appears that Santa Claus might be the culprit behind murders in one town and the boys have to stop him. Meanwhile, Dean tries to get Sam to enjoy Christmas for once.

Malleus Maleficarum (Episode 9)

A group of women have formed a coven under the cover of a book club and the boys have to find out which witch is killing off the other members in order to protect the coven.

Dream a Little Dream of Me (Episode 10)

Bobby is in a coma and while picking up the pieces of his investigation, Dean and Sam realize that he is being kept there by someone who can walk through dreams.

Mystery Spot (Episode 11)

It's the eternal Tuesday from Hell...literally. Sam finds himself stuck in some sort of time loop after he and Dean check out a supposedly paranormal "Mystery Spot" tourist attraction.

Jus in Bello (Episode 12)

Dean and Sam must face off against the demon Lilith's minions while trapped in a jail after Bella turns their location over to the FBI agent on their trail, in order to keep them from reclaiming the mystical gun she stole from them.

Ghostfacers! (Episode 13)

The show is hijacked by the premier of Ghostfacers!, a reality TV show that showcases the investigation that some "paranormal investigators" are doing on a house that only experiences supernatural activity on Leap Day. A show that the boys accidentally find themselves guest starring in.

Long Distance Call (Episode 14)

The dead are making contact with their loved ones via phone in a small town, and are convincing them to commit suicide in order to be with them again. Dean is skeptical...until he receives a call from John, who says he has a plan for Dean to get out of his crossroads deal.

Time Is On My Side (Episode 15)

Sam tells Dean that there are zombies in Erie, PA, in order to search for a doctor who has been rumoured to have found the key to immortality.

No Rest For the Wicked (Episode 16)

Time is running out for Dean. The brothers, along with Bobby and the demon Ruby, make one more desperate attempt to stop Lilith from taking Dean's soul to Hell.