Here's the season 1 episode guide that goes with my writeup on the TV show Supernatural....

Pilot (Episode 1)

While studying law at college, Sam Winchester's brother Dean shows up asking for help finding their father John. Sam finds himself drawn back into the life that he wanted to leave behind: his family's unofficial job of hunting the paranormal and their mission to find the demon that killed their mother.

Wendigo (Episode 2)

While following some coordinates that could lead to their father's location, Sam and Dean encounter a creature stalking campers deep in the woods of Colorado.

Dead in the Water (Episode 3)

After seeing a story in a newspaper, the boys investigate a case of mysterious drownings plaguing a family in Wisconsin.

Phantom Traveler (Episode 4)

A man whom John had helped in the past calls Dean looking for help in finding out why a plane crashed, after finding evidence of a paranormal presence in the wreckage.

Bloody Mary (Episode 5)

The boys are forced to put the legend of Bloody Mary to the test after stumbling upon deaths where the victims' eyes appear to be scratched out.

Skin (Episode 6)

Sam receives a call from an old friend who needs help clearing her brother's name of the murder of his girlfriend. To do so, Sam and Dean will have to solve the mystery of how the man could have been in two places at once.

Hookman (Episode 7)

The boogeyman of make-out point seems to be the only suspect for the murders of college students in a town in Iowa.

Bugs (Episode 8)

Dean and Sam search to find the cause of a plague of bugs that seem set on destroying a new housing development.

Home (Episode 9)

Sam and Dean return to their childhood home after Sam has nightmares about a force attacking the family that just moved in.

Asylum (Episode 10)

While investigating an abandoned asylum, Sam and Dean discover the institution's violent and murderous past is still lurking in the building's walls.

Scarecrow (Episode 11)

When Sam and Dean decide to part ways after an argument, it leads to Sam meeting a mysterious new person and Dean encountering a small town with a dark secret.

Faith (Episode 12)

After suffering an accident, Sam takes Dean to a faith healer in order to save him and after it actually works, Dean suspects there is something amiss.

Route 666 (Episode 13)

Dean's ex-girlfriend makes contact, asking for help in finding out what is behind the seemingly paranormal deaths of people in her town.

Nightmare (Episode 14)

Sam continues to have prophetic nightmares and, while trying to prevent a murder he has seen, discovers a clue as to why he has the dreams in the first place.

The Benders (Episode 15)

While trying to find the supernatural culprit behind the disappearances in a town, Sam gets abducted. Dean must try and find his brother and whatever took him, but the answer is much more unsettling than what is expected.

Shadow (Episode 16)

There seems to be a demonic presence attacking people in Chicago, but things get even more complicated when Sam's mysterious friend Meg shows up out of the blue.

Hell House (Episode 17)

Sam and Dean encounter some "paranormal investigators" that interfere with their investigation, while trying to stop a ghost that has been killing teens that enter an old house.

Something Wicked (Episode 18)

While trying to find what is attacking children in a town, Dean realizes there is something very familiar about the creature's M.O, something he remembers from when he was a kid.

Provenance (Episode 19)

A family portrait seems to be behind a rash of murders, but in order to stop the spirit, first Sam and Dean need to figure out which family member is the killer.

Dead Man's Blood (Episode 20)

Dean and Sam investigate the paranormal circumstances surrounding a fellow hunter's death, and in doing so encounter their father, who is searching for a special gun that the hunter possessed, which is now missing.

Salvation (Episode 21)

Meg returns and she wants the gun. She won't stop killing the Winchester's friends until she gets what she wants.

Devil's Trap (Episode 22)

Exorcisms, demon battles and a cliffhanger of epic proportions. That's really all I can say on the matter.

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