Alrighty everyone, here's the episode guide for Season 2 of Supernatural....

In My Time of Dying (Episode 1)

As Dean's spirit wanders the halls of the hospital where his body lies on the brink of death, he must try and avoid the ominous presence that stalks him.

Everybody Loves A Clown (Episode 2)

Sam and Dean head to a carnival to suss out the monster that is attacking families but leaving the children unharmed.

Bloodlust (Episode 3)

After meeting a new hunter while tracking some vampires, Sam starts to worry about Dean's violent behavior as of late.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (Episode 4)

While visiting their mother's grave, Dean insists there is something amiss involving the recent death of a local college girl, but Sam thinks the suspicions are side-effects of Dean's recent behavior.

Simon Said (Episode 5)

Sam has a vision about a man's death, and while the boys are investigating, they discover another psychic with mysterious abilities.

No Exit (Episode 6)

After being given a hunt by a family friend, Dean and Sam will have to deal with not only with the ghost of famous serial killer, but with an unwelcome tag-a-long.

The Usual Suspects (Episode 7)

Dean has been arrested for murder. Sam must find out whose spirit is actually behind the murder and somehow convince a Baltimore cop that the paranormal is to blame. 

Crossroad Blues (Episode 8)

Successful people are getting torn to shreds and the boys think that the force behind all of the victims' good luck may be the cause. 

Croatoan (Episode 9)

Sam has an alarming vision involving Dean, and convinces Dean to go to a town in Oregon so they can find out why the vision would take place and how to prevent it.

Hunted (Episode 10)

Dean finally tells Sam the secret his father told him before he died. Sam decides to go off on his own to try and find more psychics like him, not knowing that he is being tracked by another hunter with sinister intentions.

Playthings (Episode 11)

The boys visit a hotel that is not only going out of business, but experiencing a rash of deaths, and learn that the hotel owner's family isn't what it appears.

Nightshifter (Episode 12)

Sam and Dean walk into a bank while investigating a shapeshifter and end up surrounded by SWAT. Unfortunately for them, the monster is in the bank too, and they have an unwanted helper.

Houses of the Holy (Episode 13)

The boys seem to be going head to head angel? Sam and Dean encounter people who claim to have been told by an angel to take out people in the community with dark secrets.

Born Under a Bad Sign (Episode 14)

Dean is frantic. Sam has been missing for a week and when he turns up again, it's with bloodstained hands and no memory of the last seven days.

Tall Tales (Episode 15)

Aliens? Alligators in the sewers? Sam and Dean have to figure out why extremely strange occurrences are plaguing a college, and call their friend Bobby for help.

Roadkill (Episode 16)

A woman who is looking for her husband gets swept up in the boys' hunt for a ghost that only appears on a road once every year.

Heart (Episode 17)

A werewolf is terrorizing a city and the boys are there to help, but Sam will have to come to terms with some harsh realities about monsters and the job that he and Dean are bound by duty to complete.

Hollywood Babylon (Episode 18)

Ghosts are haunting the set of a new horror movie and the boys go under cover as crew members to solve the mystery.

Folsom Prison Blues (Episode 19)

The FBI agent who has been dispatched with catching Dean and Sam just caught a break: the boys have landed themselves in jail trying to solve a string of deaths.

What Is And What Should Never Be (Episode 20)

Dean wakes up in a nice home with a loving girlfriend, which is definitely not how he went to sleep. He has to decide whether or not this world is real and if not, how to get back to the reality he knows.

All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 (Episode 21)

Sam vanishes while picking up dinner for the boys, leaving Dean to frantically search for him. Meanwhile, Sam wakes up surrounded by other psychics like himself in an abandoned town.

All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 (Episode 22)

Dean makes a desperate choice in order to get Sam back on his feet. Sam, Dean, and their friends attempt to stop the demon who killed the boys' mom from carrying out his plan.

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