Time for Season 6 of the episode guide, everyone...

Exile on Main St. (Episode 1)

One year after Sam ended up in Lucifer's cage stopping the Apocalypse, Dean has been living a normal life with his girlfriend and her son when Sam comes back mysteriously, just as a monster bent on revenge targets Dean.

Two and a Half Men (Episode 2)

Parents are being murdered and the newborn children are being taken. Sam comes to Dean for help when he ends up with one of the babies after killing its abductor.

The Third Man (Episode 3)

Old Testament plagues are being used as revenge. Cas informs the guys that the Staff of Moses is the culprit.

Weekend at Bobby's (Episode 4)

Ever wonder what Bobby gets up to when the boys are gone? Well, your burning questions will be answered.

Live Free or TwiHard (Episode 5)

Young girls are disappearing and vampires seem to be to blame, but what are Sam and Dean going to do when Dean gets turned into one of the monsters?

You Can't Handle the Truth (Episode 6)

Dean remembers what happened moments before he was turned into a vampire and is questioning Sam's recent disturbing behavior. Meanwhile, people are being bombarded with the truth to the point where deaths begin to occur.

Family Matters (Episode 7)

Sam and Dean join the Campbells on their hunt for the Alpha vampire. Cas and Dean discover why Sam has been so different since escaping Hell. 

All Dogs Go to Heaven (Episode 8)

Crowley makes the the boys a deal: an Alpha of one of the monster species in return for Sam's soul.

Clap Your Hands if You Believe (Episode 9)

While Dean is coming to terms with Sam's soullessness, the guys investigate some disappearances that have been blamed on aliens.

Caged Heat (Episode 10)

Meg is back and she is out to get Crowley. Dean, Sam and Cas join forces with her to try and take him out and get Sam's soul.

Appointment in Samarra (Episode 11)

Dean goes to Death to try and get Sam's soul and Death agrees...as long as Dean can handle being him for a day. Sam tries make it impossible for Dean to give him his soul back.

Like a Virgin (Episode 12)

Sam has his soul back but no memory of the last year, so to ease him back into hunting, the boys look into a creature that has been taking teenage girls, who are all virgins.

Unforgiven (Episode 13)

One of the hunts that Sam took part in during his year without his soul comes back to haunt Sam and Dean.

Mannequin 3: The Reckoning (Episode 14)

Plastic mannequins seem to be committing murders in a small town.

The French Mistake (Episode 15)

After being given a key that can be used to unlock all of Heaven's weaponry, Dean and Sam get thrown into an alternate universe...where their names are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and they are stars on a TV show called "Supernatural".

...And Then There Were None. (Episode 16)

The Mother of all the world's monsters is running amok and when the boys and Bobby attempt to stop her, they end up trapped with some other hunters. One by one, they start falling prey to the new creatures she's made.

My Heart Will Go On (Episode 17)

After the angels alter a huge event in the past, Sam and Dean's world has changed in ways they don't even realize, but Fate is in town trying to set things right.

Frontierland (Episode 18)

In order to get an what is needed to take out Eve, Cas must send the boys back to an old West town in 1861.

Mommy Dearest (Episode 19)

The guys, plus Bobby and Cas, head out to kill Eve, but things get complicated and dangerous once they encounter Eve's latest creations.

The Man Who Would be King (Episode 20)

Cas recounts how the civil war in Heaven caused him to join forces with Crowley to find Purgatory.

Let It Bleed (Episode 21)

Now that Sam and Dean know that Cas is not to be trusted, they must try and find out to stop Crowley and Cas from opening the door to Purgatory and it looks like a horror author's stories may be the answer.

The Man Who Knew Too Much (Episode 22)

Sam is locked inside his mind after Cas unleashes his memories of Hell. Dean and Bobby frantically try to find Cas and Crowley's base of operations so they can stop them from opening Purgatory.

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