Hopefully you survived the trainwreck that is Season 7 and, like a reward for making through that mess, it's time for the awesome-ness that is Season 8...

We Need to Talk About Kevin (Episode 1)

Dean escapes from Purgatory, bringing along his new friend Benny, and they part ways. Dean tracks down Sam and together they try to find Kevin Tran.

What's Up, Tiger Mommy (Episode 2)

Kevin refuses to leave his mother behind, so they go to get her, against Dean's better judgement, but Mrs. Tran is surprisingly helpful in getting the Demon tablet back.

Heartache (Episode 3)

Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders where the only thing connecting the victims is the fact they each received an organ donated by the same person.

Bitten (Episode 4)

Walking in on a bloody murder scene in a living room, the boys find a video project that chronicles three college students' lives in the days before the massacre.

Blood Brothers (Episode 5)

Benny finds himself in hot water while hunting down the vampires he used to run with and calls Dean, asking for help.

Southern Comfort (Episode 6)

Normal people in a southern town are going postal and killing those that they have grudges against, no matter how small. Dean and Sam check it out and run into Garth, who is attempting to fill the void left by Bobby's death.

A Little Slice of Kevin (Episode 7)

Cas suddenly appears with no memory of how he escaped Purgatory. Meanwhile, a mistake on Mrs. Tran's part leads to Kevin falling into Crowley's hands.

Hunter Heroics (Episode 8)

Dean, Sam and Cas better study up on their Looney Tunes when deaths start occurring in a town, deaths that have a distinctly cartoon-y flair.

Citizen Fang (Episode 9)

Blood-drained bodies are popping up in the area Benny had decided to settle in. Dean doesn't believe his friend is responsible but Sam is not as sure and sends another hunter to watch the vampire.

Torn and Frayed (Episode 10)

Naomi, Castiel's superior, dispatches him with the mission to recover another angel who is being tortured by Crowley.

LARP and the Real Girl (Episode 11)

Sam and Dean encounter computer hacker Charlie again when some of her fellow LARPers start dying in medieval fashions.

As Time Goes By (Episode 12)

The boys end up meeting John's father Henry, after he time travels to escape a demon knight named Abbadon. They also learn about the secret order known as the Men of Letters.

Everybody Hates Hitler (Episode 13)

While sorting through the files in their new headquarters, Sam connects the dots between a Rabbi who recently died due to spontaneous combustion and a sect of Nazis who were working with necromancy.

Trial and Error (Episode 14)

Kevin tells the guys about the first trial to seal Hell's Gates: killing a hellhound. Dean and Sam try to anticipate where a hellhound may be by looking for signs of crossroad deals at a farm that struck oil a little under 10 years ago.

Man's Best Friend With Benefits (Episode 15)

A cop that Sam and Dean had inadvertently introduced to the world of the paranormal has picked up witchcraft and is experiencing nightmares where he kills people. The cop's familiar comes to Dean and Sam for help.

Remember the Titans (Episode 16)

What at first seemed to be a case involving a zombie turns even more dangerous when the "zombie" is revealed to have connections to the Greek pantheon.

Goodbye Stranger (Episode 17)

Something has been killing demons that seem to be desperately searching for something. While investigating, Sam and Dean encounter Cas, who has been acting off lately.

Freaks and Geeks (Episode 18)

Someone is training orphaned teenagers in how to be the perfect hunters. Dean and Sam find their, and their trainer's, obsession a bit suspicious.

Taxi Driver (Episode 19)

The next trial to seal the gates: save an innocent soul from Hell. Sam must find a way to get in, and eventually out, of Hell without alerting Crowley to his presence.

Pac-Man Fever (Episode 20)

Charlie is in the area and finds a case. Since Sam is still out of commission due to trial side-effects, Dean lets Charlie join him on the hunt, where he learns a bit about her past.

The Great Escapist (Episode 21)

The boys receive an email from Kevin that gives them all his notes on the Demon tablet, an email that should only be sent in the event of his death. Using the information, Sam and Dean go to Colorado looking for evidence of Metatron, the angel scribe who wrote the tablets. Meanwhile, Cas tries to stay two steps ahead of Naomi's soldiers in order to keep the Angel tablet safe.

Clip Show (Episode 22)

Third trial to seal Hell: cure a demon. Using the Men of Letter's files, the guys stumble upon records indicating that a priest discovered a way to save the soul of a demon. Cas is approached by Metatron, who enlists him in his plans to stop the fighting in Heaven by closing Heaven's doors.

Sacrifice (Episode 23)

While Sam completes the third trial, Dean finds out what closing Hell is really going to cost. It is revealed that Metatron's plan to save Heaven is not what it seems...leading to one of the coolest season ending cliffhangers I think this show has had in a while.

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