Dream about work #6969

I had quit my job at Stream International for a much more lucrative job doing tech support somewhere else for $35,000 a year. Apparently, I had spent a couple of days on the floor there and I was very dissatisfied with my new job. To them, I was just a number, no one cared about anything that I was doing, no one would give me any information about anything, they would not answer my questions - nothing! I would sign on to my phone, take ISP tech support questions all day and then go home pissed at the world.

However, in this particular dream, my twin sister Andrea worked at Stream as well. So I used her badge to sneak into the building and attend the Team Lead meeting on Wednesday as usual. I sat at the back of the room, hoping they would not notice me and afraid that they would because they would see that I had brought my skateboard to the meeting.

Finally they did see me and asked why I was still there, that they thought I had gotten a better job and all. I started to cry and told them that I was totally miserable at my new job and that I missed Stream because our team lead structure led to better management interaction with the tech support agents.

They let me come back.

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