I did something that I haven't done in a long while. I dug up my Super Nintendo, blew the dust that collected on it since I last played it many years ago, and hooked it up to my TV set. I was very surprised that it still works. The reason why I needed to dig it up was because my two nieces spent the weekend at my house and my parents knew I had a game console lying around. Hooking the Super Nintendo up was also a good excuse for me to clean my room. I did find the Dual Turbo controllers, and only one of the standard controllers. My nieces wanted to play Super Mario All-Stars, but I wanted to relive Final Fantasy III. Obviously, my nieces won that argument, so I ended up playing Super Mario.

I did also find a box containing around 800 Magic cards. More than a year ago, I vowed to give up playing Magic to have more time to spend in developing a network marketing business. My decision has paid off, but I feel that once every Magic card is out of my possession, my business will take off. I even told my mom that I am going to be anal about the matter here. Currently, my entire collection of cards, which is around 8000, is in storage. I will not get the cards back until I'm making at least $1000 a month on a consistent basis.

TV was boring so I decided to spend my evening on The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD. Power leveling from level 1 was on the bill of fare for the evening. At the end of the session, I had accumulated over 20,000 experience points. My dad decided that his evening would be better spent watching Return of the Jedi. I agreed with him and decided to quote the script as the movie was playing.

While I was soundly sleeping, the Lake Erie snow machine was turned on by Mother Nature. Waking up this morning, there were four inches of snow in the driveway. I hope that this is the last major snow of this winter season. I really want baseball season to begin.