No! The "Jared Incident" took place at the Ohio State University in May of 2000. It began innocently, with thousands of fliers posted around campus, containing only the words "Do you agree with Jared?". Most of the student body felt this was merely a student government campaign, maybe to bring beer back to the stadium. But no, it turns out Jared is a Christian. Nothing wrong with that of course. But Jared, with cooperation from the Campus Crusaders for Christ, started this whole campaign for unknown reasons. Jared never said what he believes in, or what we are asked to agree with. Jared took out a full page ad in The Lantern stating he was a Christian and you should agree with him. Jared began selling t-shirts on the oval. For $5 you could buy a yellow shirt which said i agree with jared, or a green shirt that said I don't agree with jared. Needless to say, all the little sheepish masses of followers bought I agree shirts, I don't remember seeing one person wearing the I don't agree shirts as those people have the good sense not to spend $5 on a shirt to state they don't agree with someone who has never said what he stood for. All in all I feel it was a big scam to raise money from all the christian sheep on campus. No one learned anything, no one shared ideas or views, no one stated what they believe in, it just ended up being a controversy over whether you agreed with christianity or not, neglecting all other religions and various beliefs amongst christians themselves.

Needless to say the incident pissed me off royally. I'd much rather listen to Brother Jed spew forth garbage.