Forward and onward and all that. It's about 2:30 AM on September 8, 2010. I've been awake for 2 hours now.

This is one is about daylogs. I love daylogs. Just like scratch pads, daylogs are other places people can hide amazing things. More than just stories about their lives you can find rants, poems, prose, even nuked nodes.

E2 was web 2.0 before it was. It was about community and meeting people through the internet and socializing before social networking. So before the advent of blogs and facebook, people had E2 and daylogs.

Going back a few years shows another way E2 has changed. There used to be massive amounts of daylogs from so many different people. Where did they all go? Some have left E2 entirely, others stopped daylogging. Either way it feels as if daylogs have been replaced or made obsolete. Certainly this is true. Between facebook, twitter and the blogosphere I can learn more than enough about a persons life but it still doesn't mean I want daylogs to fade.

Daylogs are the middle child of nodes. This is a true and sad fact. When things get nuked, occasionally they are either moved or resurrected into daylogs. If you are afraid it might get nuked, you put it in a daylog. By no means does this necessarily constitute a lower status for daylogs but that's the way it feels. Just because the mom doesn't play favorites doesn't mean it doesn't look that way. So a little message to any dayloggers out there; keep on truckin'. The number of votes prove that daylogs still have an audience. You can even inflate the numbers a bit, knowing not every reader votes.

Daylogs are little diary entries from users here and users that used to be here. And everybody knows that everyone loves peeking into someone's diary. That's why postsecret is so damn popular. But if postsecret is like six word stories than E2 is a library.

Yesterday and Tomorrow.

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