If I kept with the patten of my day logs thus far, this one would be a rant about everything that happened during the day, all the things unresolved that I could not figure out how to deal with, the whole mess of it. Today is different.

As a result of the people I have met since I started noding and the things they have written, I feel at ease. Sure, there was some stress today, quite a bit at times, but it seems all worked out now. Previously, I might have been sitting in front of the computer at this hour, stressed, tense and tired, not wanting to deal with another day of the same, drinking just to fall asleep. I am still sitting in front of my computer, tired, but not drinking, and with much less stress. Things are not perfect, but now I can look at them in a much more rational way, and with the help of others.

At first, it seemed like all the time I spent on everything when I should have been studying was just wasted. Another stupid web site to waste time at - like slashdot, only worse. Now I realize how good everything has been for me and how much it has helped.

Thank you. All of you.