Okay, what I mean by that is that they saw each other and fell instantly in love. None of these unwritten rules about how many days you should wait to call after you're given a phone number, no irritating dating scene, they fell right in love. No worrying about paying for dinner, no walk her back to the door Should I kiss her? dilemmas.

No insecurity, no other love interests, none of Juliet's friends getting in the way, simply incredible. Of course in the story she's supposed to be 14 or something, but whatever.

Now, obviously certain other aspects of their relationship weren't so easy, what with their relatives running around killing each other and what not. I've had girlfriend's parents and friends not like me, but none have ever tried to slit my throat with a sword. And the fact that they both die in the end, that's not an indication of a healthy relationship. I guess I'd rather date then suck down a dram of poison so powerful that if I had the strength of twenty men, it would still dispatch me.