Dear Better Business Bureau,

I am writing to report a case of online credit card theft. More specifically, this complaint is directed at the moJoe dating service.

After reading the fine European travel brochure entitled, "The kind of guy who would just bend me over a table and fuck me", produced by the moJoe dating service, I signed the disclaimer and waiver via a click-through agreement, typed in my credit card number in the space provided, and clicked submit. My excitement grew as the next page of their website loaded. Unfortunately, my anticipation of a hot, steamy sexual tryst imploded as I read what appeared on my screen next: "Thanks for the credit card number, sucker, I'll use the money to pay for dinner with your girlfriend tomorrow night."

I haven't seen her since. As such, I am deeply dissatisfied with the level of service I have received from this company, and am filing a formal complaint. I can be reached via email should any further details be necessary, at:

Thank you for your prompt attention regarding this matter.

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