Oh man, it's been almost a week and there's ONE aftermath here! I must fix this. In my opinion, an aftermath is an indication of how much of a kickin gathering you threw, and damnit czeano did a fucking fantastic job. So here goes.

From the beginning this wasn't really an easy one to get to, between transportation and cash and finding interested parties, all kinds of kinks in the loop. But it all worked out. Transportation became available about two hours before we were supposed to leave. Cash, ummm, I didn't pay my rent 'til I got back Monday. OOOOOPS. And interested parties... well I found a few. Departing Boston with Chihuahua Grub, cowofdoom and briiiiian I KNEW this would be an adventure. From blow job machines to apple cores, it was a great trip to NYC. A little rendezvous at chiisuta's house with grundoon, imp/buddha, fez, and EZ found us all on her fire escape, a bit of a treacherous adventure: the ten dollar fine and the cactus of doom were all out to get us, never mind all the years of structural analysis going through my head from five floors up. Eventually back at the compound, there was an unsuccessful attempt to drag EZ with us to Spatah, but it was decided that fez, briiiiian, cowofdoom and I were feeling hardcore, so around 5:30AM we passed on sleep and hit the road. I defaced a little property and left signs of our presence for the asleep compounders (wussies). A round or two with the ninja-bong then off we went.

As soon as we hit Flushing Avenue, I saw a bit of an urban legend. It was a NYPD car with 420 as the license plate. No seriously I did, and I was thinking, shit, this is gunna come up later, and I'm going to be all "Dude once when I was in new york, I saw a cop car with a license plate that said 420!!!" Who the hell is going to believe that? A few pictures were snapped so should I have to recount the story I won't look like an ass. The rest of the trip down... um, I know robots were discussed, we found out the wheat field was corn, many methods of inserting ketchup into one's face were found... and a bunch of other shit happened I can't even begin to remember.

So yeah like 11 hours later we were in Spatah. The note on the door to the cabin was just a big tease, c'mon in it read... yet the door was locked. We found ailie outside who had been there two hours so far and already had to cop a squat in the woods. But I sucked it up and about a half hour later the infamous czeano did arrive with his sister Beth and Knile and KEYS. As luck would have it the Ohio/Michigan crew showed up shortly thereafter, and woo we had a party going. The rest of that day, again a big ole blur. In fact the rest of the weekend is a blur. So I'm not going to try to recount things in any order whatsoever. This is what rocked my weekend:

Chiisuta singing in the tunnel. At one point while over my house the girl busted out in singing opera in my kitchen. And it was seriously amazing. I made her do it again next time she was there, again while in Ohio in tandex's back yard, and now in the tunnel. I understand what the fascination is with that place. Describing it is impossible. Though witchiepoo's grand idea of screaming in the tunnel, as loud as seriously possible... very rad, and very deafening!

Birdlace's video of Jurph and the fireworks was insanely hilarious, I could not agree more with the music selection of Firestarter.

I was successfully able to get out of swapping any more talents as people took over my lego project with walter, Ashley and I figured we would swap showing each other how to nap. In the end I swapped the best talent with miss JP. She showed me how to make oreo sludge bars. I showed her how to make them just a wee bit better. Grundoon's comment to Tess was best as she walked by and showed her how I was cooking with herbs!

Kurt is my new best friend. The day he is free from the government we have plans to get stupid and watch a little tee vee while ogling the hot girl who drives a hearse. Oh and as far as the lighters are concerned, I have them, I will deliver them, and in a day or two you should check back to my homenode for details about THE PLAN.

And speaking of lighters, I think I was kind of a bitch to Ted after he had to beg Kurt for a cigarette and I wouldn't give him a light. Because I had an assload of lighters in my possession! Though watching the shit eating grin on his face as Kurt rubbed his ass all over him was worth it. Almost as hot as that time in the basement, but chii's idea that day was much better.

Props to the crew who was always under the porch with me, namely briiiiian and ModernAngel.

Thank god for phyllis stein and his fashion sense. 'Cause the pink hot pants were indeed the shit, and I still think Chad should have just stolen that blue shirt. Oh and karma_debt, as usual, rules.

Ph33r miss Julia and her clippers. Even though her underwear was as usual hot as hell, gotta give more props to briiiiian for going commando.

I reached a lovely understanding with WonkoDSane that, in the end, the Wonkoalition and the BAP, the rednecks and the yankees, are in pursuit of the exact same thing. BEER. Truce? You betcha.

Speaking of beer, Sean rules. His poor sun burnt face didn't keep the man from his beer, and quite a few we tossed back wile discussing beer snobbery. Through he was smart enough not to give me his can opf PBR, because when I promised I would drink it, I also had my fingers crossed and promised myself I would make him watch as I poured it down the toilet. Because that's where piss belongs! Actually I'm just giving him shit because he denied me Donnie Darko, forgetting it back in Ohio. Doh!

Wendy and Pete and Noah all rule. Even though my woodworking session was cut way short cause we had to leave, it was still fun, and I have a project I must finish in order to get my walking stick!

New people I met: Becca and Zaph and the infamous cookies. Damn girl. Nuff said. Qeyser, best student I've ever had. "Thank you for corrupting me." was possibly the best compliment I received all weekend. No scratch that, Noah comes in for a close tie simply because he was so impressed I carried a knife. Mat Catastrophe was the shit, giving us all a hard time as he showed up completely knowing what he was walking into, as we thought a random somebody just wanted to party. Not that it's all bad, randoms are good, but noders are better. Knile87 was just funny as all hell.

Ok. And now, I must speak of the robots. briiiiian while in my truck at one point said something along the lines of: "Dude I have this idea. Let's get a bunch of cardboard boxes and some spray paint and build robot suits and then fire Roman Candles at each other." Now. What you have to understand ishor, briiiiian has been known to say things like this. And I dismissed the robot idea entirely. Just last night, he launched into his next grand idea, which would be a tube that led from the dash of your car, to the engine, so that the heat generated by the engine would warm up the tube, which you then could insert a burrito into. After the robots, I might just be eating burritos in my car, because the robots actually happened. I have to give him credit, because briiiiian did actually try to get me to go to Wal-mart for supplies, but I wasn't up for a second trip after spending 4 hours with brassmule on a beer and Donnie Darko run. Not that spending all that time alone with Mikey wasn't great... we shopped for skirts, for him, not me, got my oil changed, made it in time for breakfast at Burger King, and used karmaflux's ATM card to get cash and purchase $349.63 of sex toys at the Appalachian Adult Entertainment store. Fucking kinky southerners.

ANYWAY. So back to robots. Someone was nice enough to take briiiiian to Wal-mart and he came back with supplies. And that is one determined man, because before I knew it he had a sam adams box on his head and zot was busy making clampy hands and claws. A few hours later, while everyone was in the tunnel, which I'm truly sorry I missed, especially cause I gave Jurph like 6 packs of sparklers and missed the whole show. In the end it worked out OK though, 'cause the sparklers I stole from someone in Ohio and instead of being in the tunnel I got to tape silver robot and red robot together. One minor disaster was averted, we lost the roll of duct tape from my truck somewhere on the driveway. Briiiiian and Will half taped together would have sucked. I was just finished ransacking the cabin for anything that would hold them together when a roll of duct tape was produced from Ted's car thank god. Robots were finished being pieced together. With their lack of elbows, the few minutes before the infamous battle was a hoot. Cowofdoom trying to drink a beer, briiiiian trying to smoke a cigarette. Dude, can you scratch my nose right here, move my hair there. The battle itself everyone was there for, so I need not recount it. All I know is that I never expected to go for a roll with Tedd. But he was running right at me, so I just kinda said fuck it and went after him. I suppose I should have known better. Bitca was the shit, helping me out as I tried to grab a few pics. Poor Noah had a firework go off in his ear and I feared for my life as one flew by me.

The rest is history. It was hard to watch the old skool BAP battle the new recruit, but I think they both did just fine and the humiliating dump truck hazing ritual might not have to happen after that battle.

The ride home was just long. But again fun. I think cowofdoom didn't quite understand the rocking that was happening when Tedd and briiiiian and I put on The Wall, but nonetheless he had shotgun for something like thirteen hours and didn't masturbate once. So he rocks. The rest of the ride home was a blur until I hit Massachusetts. That's when I knew it was over. No longer having to watch my speed, I spent an hour weaving though the light morning traffic that had gathered around 6am on the pike and never dropped below 90. It felt good to be home.

After driving for an eternity, I crashed for an eternity.

And when I woke up... I missed noders.

Thanks czeano, you rule.

noders plus plus