Well, to tell you the truth, having a curved penis is kind of weird. When I see men with straight penises on porn flicks, I can't help but think of what my future girlfriend will think. Sure, in some porns, guys have curved penises, but most of the time the curve is upward. In my case, my penis curve's down. Perhaps, in some situations, that can be mistaken as not having a full erection, even though that may be false. Actually, I think having a curved penis can be beneficial. There would (maybe) be more positions that could be made possible with a curved penis. Perhaps it could be better for my future g/f's g-spot...Who knows. All I know is that people (my friends) don't think any less of me with my curved penis. And since my friends and I are very open, I know they are telling me the truth.
What's it like for you?