Well, to tell you the truth, having a curved penis is kind of weird. When I see men with straight penises on porn flicks, I can't help but think of what my future girlfriend will think. Sure, in some porns, guys have curved penises, but most of the time the curve is upward. In my case, my penis curve's down. Perhaps, in some situations, that can be mistaken as not having a full erection, even though that may be false. Actually, I think having a curved penis can be beneficial. There would (maybe) be more positions that could be made possible with a curved penis. Perhaps it could be better for my future g/f's g-spot...Who knows. All I know is that people (my friends) don't think any less of me with my curved penis. And since my friends and I are very open, I know they are telling me the truth.
What's it like for you?
Unfortunately I don't have a curved penis anymore. Marty, the best lover I have ever had, had a curved penis. However, I would not go so far as to attribute his awesome performance to the curve in his penis. But a side note that I find interesting is that while visiting my regular Gyno-Guy for the first time since I started dating Marty, about three years after Marty and I had been together, he mentioned that my uterus had become tilted downwards. When I mentioned that Marty's penis curved downwards he said that that would account for the change.

Actually, acording to Sue Johanson, a curved penis is caused by minute scarring on the penis, due to inproper healing. How do you get these scars you may ask? Well, have you ever been punched in the groin, or caused a cut in the tissue of the penis, but never went for that bag of ice? Guess what, you caused a minute scar! Depending on where the scars take place, the intensity of them, and at what date of your life you had them are all factors of the curvature of the penis.

And no, you cant counteract the effct as you would hope by inducing more minute scars (by punching yourself in the groin or whathave you).

Finally, I'd like to add it's a very rare case to find a *perfectly* straght penis. Its just amazing unplausable that the penis was that unactive.
Actually, the most frequent cause of the scarring that leads to a curved penis is circumcision. Despite the doctors that insist it's a very simple procedure, it's actually very easy to screw up. Guys end up with curves (which I also agree is not a problem; one of my boyfirends had a downward curve. His current wife is very happy), little scraps of hanging foreskin, and occasionally even have to get reconstructive surgery or are turned into girls.

And for what? There's actually no good reason to do it unless you're Jewish.

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