Sue Johanson is quite easily the first person in Canada to really discuss human sexuality. She created the first radio talk show in Canada to discuss such an issue called "The Sunday Night Sex Show" in 1984, and also discussed the topics at schools in Canada from the earily 70's. In 1994, her baby "The Sunday Night Sex Show" went to television on the Womans Television Network (WTN).

Other noteable things about her:

PS: I dont care if shes old, I'd still do her. Shes frisky =p
Sue Johanson is also a registered nurse. She has was awarded the Order of Canada in 2001. In addition to The Sunday Night Sex Show and her lectures she also writes a column which appears regularily in Edmonton Sun, the Toronto Star, Campus and MENZ magazines.

Sue has openly ranted about Dr. Laura Schlessinger on several occasions, as Sue doesn't believe Dr. Laura's counselling style is constructive. An article Sue wrote on the subject can be found at

She educates high school students each year at assemblies about sex, oral sex, contraceptives, masturbation and other topics. So far she has not been given permission to speak openly about anal sex.

Sue says a lot of funny stuff, which often has truth to it.Here's some of it:

"Little boys grab their penis and don't let go. It's their best friend. They're addicted to it. They talk to it."

"99 percent of men of all ages masturbate regularly and the other one percent are liars"

"Madonna has done one good thing. In her latest video, she depicted female masturbation. We have to give her credit."

"Every time you plop your bottom on the john think front to back."

"The amazing vagina is a self-cleansing organ..."

Sue has written 3 books:
1988 - Talk Sex
1990 - Sex is Perfectly Natural, But Not Naturally Perfect in 1990
1995 - Sex, Sex and More Sex

Photo of Sue and Andrew Johanson:

Update: September, 2001

Sue Johanson did a talk at the University of Western Ontario, on September 26th, which I attended.

Here is my review:

It was inexpensive ($3 per person, CDN) making it accessable to almost all students, although tickets did sell out. At the door everyone recieved a condom and a card on which to write questions.

Sue spoke about many issues, mostly about how males and females differ in sexuality, in relation to how we are socialized. She raised the issue in a humerous yet informative manner. She basically brought to light what we all know, but need help in formulating into a concise thought: men are taught to be more comfortable with their genetalia and be sexual beings, while girls are told not to touch themselves, and not to be curious about "down there".

During the talk, Sue made some gestures that would normally be seen as rude, and weren't totally accepted even in such an arena. This was most likely due to the fact that she's an older lady, with wrinkles and grey hair, similar to a grandmotherly type. This brought to my attention the prejudice we place on older individuals, as asexual and without needs and desires just like the rest of us. (Thank you Sue.)

Sue also talked at length about both male and female masturbation. She gave some statistics (which I cannot remember) that revealed a major difference in the number of males and females that pleasure themselves. The difference, she stated, decreases with age, as women become more in touch with their sexual selves.

I thought her emphasis on female masurbation was quite important, especially for the 19-25 year old crowd, as many of the females present probably don't masurbate regularily, despite their desires.

She did a small bit about sex toys (including a story about how the airport officials needed her to empty her bag to figure out what the hell it was they were seeing on the x-ray screen). This was similar to her weekly bit on The Sunday Night Sex Show.

At the end of the secession she answered the questions that were placed in a bucket. Many of the questions were obviously written for reaction factor, although there were also lots of good questions.

My question, "What are some good positions for car sex?", remained one of the 3 unanswered. I believe it was the one she read silently and tossed aside, commenting "I don't know that one." I think some research is in order.

Overall I found her talk entertaining and informative, although it would be nice if she could gear it towards a more educated audience, as most 19-25 year olds now know the basics.

If Sue Johanson comes to a city near you, go see her!

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